Minus Tree / Shizune

by Minus Tree / Shizune

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released July 1, 2013




Annoying Records Trento, Italy

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Track Name: Minus Tree - Never Walk on a Frozen Lake
I never thought today
to have the opportunity
to climb this hill without an end
without the help of anyone
I felt a huge weight
as if someone wants to pull me down
but it was always me
with the fear of moving forward
as if we were related
by a giant magnet
I felt another "me"
on the other side of the planet
for what it's worth
I'll wait here
no matter when
for what it's worth
I'll die here
no matter how
how to run
on a frozen lake
with the hope
it melts beneath my feet
I have to change over time
I cannot go back and
recover the feelings that I've wasted
this time I will not miss
Track Name: Shizune - Souvenirs d'éternité / In memoria di nessuno
"nos jours à jamais"
so we said this
without even searching for a last glance
to fix all these frames
pouring slowly from our eyes
while melting carving the skin
till digging out the love
we once locked where no one can reach
in the place where our beats can be heard
just by posing the ear to the ground
why remember
if the forgotten
is indelible
just lay and listen
this is to us
this is our grave.

"contorni senza fine"
è il modo per rinchiudere quei giorni
spesi o persi
a cercarti dentro di me
ho scelto di restare accanto
alla memoria di un amore
di cui non tengo ormai
più alcun ricordo
non ha riposo un cuore
messo a nudo dalla ragione
esposto al proprio ritmo
che non può opporsi al tempo
che più avanza
più ci spinge indietro
allora aspettami
la più bella storia
quanto mai fu la nostra
ma è tardi ormai
è tardi ormai.